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The VC-750A CORRECTIVE LENSES are versatile +/- corrective lenses that can be combined with the VPS-741JA Parts Kit to customize a pair of corrective goggles. With just two lenses and one VPS-741A strap kit, the swimmer has a customized pair of goggles and a whole new vision underwater.

Available in 1.0 diopter increments from –2.0 to –7.0, and 1.0 diopter increments from 0.0 to +6.0. With a variety of +/- diopters to choose from, these lenses are easy to assemble and adjust.

It is recommended to get half a diopter lower  than your actual grade to account for natural magnification underwater


  • Corrective Lenses for VPS-741JA
  • From -2.0 to -7.0 (a total of 6 diopters), Increments of 1.0
  • From 0.0 to +6.0 (a total of 6 diopters), Increments of 1.0
  • Eyecup: Polycarbonate
  • Face pad: T.P.E. seal, Anti-Batectia Treatment