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V122TKY is the new Blade F series with significantly improved forward visibility. 2020 limited design goggles with three types of decorations, Kumatori, Sakura, and Fireworks.

  • Material:
    • Lens – Polycarbonate
    • Strap & Nose Belt – Elastomer
    • Strap Adjuster - Polycarbonate
  • Functions:
    • UV protection
    • Choice of nose belts (XS, S, M, L, XL)
    • Mirror processing
    • SWIPE ANTI-FOG (10 times more sustained than fog)
  • FINA Approved
  • Forward Viewing Angle 38%UP
    • The front view is improved by bringing the upper part of the lens closer in millimeters and improving the shape of the cup inside the lens diagonally upward
  • Lens Thickness 11 % CUT
    • In addition to the uniquely shaped blade, the thickness of the upper part of the lens is cut to smooth the flow of water and reduce water flow resistance
  • Effective View 43% UP
    • Uses a curved lens to secure the left and right side visibility, and realizes a wide field of view with little blind spots in the front, left, and right.

Enabled to swim with head-down for less water resistance with a wider forward view.