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The V121MR BLADE MIRRORED GOGGLE is the ultimate competitive swimming goggle with reduced drag and resistance. Normal type pursuing low resistance for players competing for 1/100 second.


  • FINA Approved
  • UV Protection
  • Super anti-fog treatment
  • V-shaped side arm reduces drag and secures fit
  • Adjustable split strap
  • Three interchangeable nosepieces

The pinnacle of the Blade series for swimmers competing for 1/100 second

Wide and More Smooth Water Flow Secure
The V-Shaped side arm secures the lens at the top and bottom. Movement is restrained and the strap flapping is prevented.

Low Resistance by Reducing 5% Side Arm
Sidearm which is integrated with a lens has been reduced 5% to conventional blade proving low resistance and less drag.

More Smooth Water Flow
The new curved Blade goggle shape creates smoother water flow than conventional Blade goggles and provides low resistance.