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TUSA BCJ-1800 VOYAGER is a lightweight and compact BC ideal for warm water divers or the constant traveler. It offers Tusa patented features such as the integrated Weight Loading System (W.L.S.), which permits easy weight loading and release of 12lbs to 16lbs (5.44kg to 7.3kg) in each Pocket, the Independent Harness System that was developed to significantly reduce weight and structure, and the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which has two separated rails to increase the tank's security and prevent it from rolling.


  • Weighs 4.4lbs/2kg, designed for travel
  • Independent harness system
  • Ultimate stabilizing harness
  • Weight Loading System (W.L.S.)
  • 2 lbs/0.1kg of inherent buoyancy
  • Enhanced lumbar and back pad for maximum comfort
  • 2 main and 1 lower accessory zippered pockets