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Stream Trail Traveler Cargo Bag

Stream Trail Traveler Cargo Bag


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Nowadays, the number of checked baggage for airplanes is becoming strict. Meanwhile, the STREAM TRAIL TRAVELER CARGO BAG allows you to store and store disparate items such as equipment, clothes, and souvenirs at once. It is also convenient when you want to pack your luggage in the car, in your place of residence, or at a campsite. We use 800 denier nylon material to make the bag itself lighter. By tightening the buckles on both ends, you can loosen the stored luggage and firmly fix it.

Available in three sizes:

"Ex-Grande" is a large size with large capacity. The size of most airlines' checked baggage allowance maximum capacity range. Large bag packs and equipment can be stored together.

"Cicci" is a vertical type, so it can store a wide range of bulky equipment in a well-balanced manner. It is a size that can fit two tangerine-sized cardboards vertically.

"Grande" is a horizontal type duffle bag that is frequently used.

It's also nice that you can fold it up in the attached case and store it compactly.


  • Size:
    • Ex-Grande - Width 100 x Height 35 x Depth 35cm (135L)
    • Cicci - Width 50 x Height 60 x Depth 36cm (120L)
    • Grande - Width 75 x Height 30 x Depth 30cm (67L)
  • Weight:
    • Ex-Grande - 1000g (body only)
    • Cicci - 940g (body only)
    • Grande - 870g (body only)
  • Material: Nylon
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