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Stream Trail Dry Tank D2 Two Tone 25L Waterproof Backpack

Stream Trail Dry Tank D2 Two Tone 25L Waterproof Backpack


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The STREAM TRAIL DRY TANK D2 TWO TONE WATERPROOF BACKPACK 25L is the perfect size for everyday use, as well as for small trips and leisure. The surface material "Tarpaulin" used for waterproof bags is made by welding polyester fibers between synthetic resin films. 

DRY TANK D2 is also used in tents, banners for outdoor advertisements often seen in the city, construction sites, etc. It is a fabric that is resistant to water, does not easily tear even under harsh conditions, and is resistant to friction. The opening, which is easy for water to enter, demonstrates outstanding waterproof performance by rolling down the waterproof flap and using a soft fabric that is easy to roll. It can be easily wiped off even if it is a little dirty, so it is easy to clean and can be used in both fields and towns. 

The opening has a roll-down flap specification.-A waterproof flap is attached to the opening to prevent water from entering. Demonstrates high waterproofness by rolling down. It is effective when it is raining. Also, the contents will not pop out when the bag is laid down sideways. -Since the flap part is velcro, the opening can be closed firmly. Also, since it makes a noise when opening and closing, it may be easy to notice when you encounter a pickpocket. -Since the tarpaulin fabric has the property of becoming hard when the temperature drops, nylon fabric that does not cure even at low temperatures is used for the flaps where flexibility is always required.


  • Material: Tarpaulin
  • Size: Width 30 x Height 44 x Depth 24 cm
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