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SEAC Anatomic 3.5mm Gloves

SEAC Anatomic 3.5mm Gloves

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The SEAC ANATOMIC CAMO 3.5MM GLOVES are a temperate water conditions glove design. Gloves are made from nylon-2 neoprene with a camouflage pattern making them especially suited for use with camo wetsuits for full-body stealth while underwater hunting. These gloves are a favorite with spearfisherman. Gloves have glued and sewn seams for strength, durability, and warmth.


  • 5mm thick for temperate water conditions
  • Nylon-2 neoprene with camouflage pattern
  • Especially suited for use with camo wetsuits
  • Combined with camo suit for full body stealth while underwater hunting
  • Favorite with spearfisherman
  • Durable supratex palms for strength and sure grip
  • Seams: Glued & sewn for warmth and strength
  • Available in multiple sizes and camo colors
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