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Putting on your fins can be one of the hardest parts of getting in the water. You're usually sitting down, bending over and are fully suited up with a aluminum 80 strapped to your back, sweating a bit, mask around your neck and in the way of your chin, pulling on your strap to hook it over your heel, sound familiar? Let's make putting on a fin as easy as possible. Atomics Stainless Steel Spring Straps Coils Change Shape, designed with Variable Pitch Geometry. Divers get a more Comfortable Fit and Easy One-Hand Removal, yet the Springs-are-Resistant to Deformation if Overstretched. This allows the Strap to Fit-more-Comfortable; add the Atomic Squeeze-Style". Quick Release Buckles and you have one Easy Strap to deal with.

  • Easy to use Springs Automatically Compensates for different Size-Feet and Boots.
  • Spring Fin Straps are Depth Compensating because they will Compress-to-Changes in the Thickness of your Boots.
  • Guaranteed to make Putting-On and Taking-Off your Fins Easier and include Rubber "Comfort Grip" Puller.
  • The Rubber Comfort Puller provides a Cushion-between-the-Spring-and-Divers Heel and also provides a Large Grip to Aid in Pulling Fin Straps On-and-Off.