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The range of tote bags for business, travel and daily use. Use as a waterproof bag or as a common tote bag. Popular among men and women of all ages and interests, the Marche range is Stream Trail’s most popular style of bag.


  • The handles are adjustable and can be used both as a shoulder bag or a tote bag.
  • Limited version, add a stylish little bit design
  • Can be used for multiple purposes, work, travel or usual portable
  • Design the net bag compartment storage bag in the bag, easy to sort and store, convenient to collect important small things
  • All shoulder straps and webbing are made of nylon for smoother and more comfortable
  • The bottom cushion cushioning cushion of the bag increases the practical function and safety of the bag.
  • Eye-catching and adjustable straps and reinforced handles make it easy to carry
  • Quick release shoulder strap for quick adjustment and removal of the strap
  • Packaged Stream Trail Logo
  • After the waterproof cloth is folded, it can be used in the rain.
  • Covered fixed buckle with widened design to enhance the anchorage