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The SEAC MAKAIRA MEN'S WETSUIT is a two-piece design, with a hooded jacket and high-waisted pants, in 2-mm double-lined neoprene with a Seac exclusive camo blue lining. The suit is primarily for warm water hunting with its stealthy camouflaged blue pattern design. Blending in with the surroundings when spearfishing gives the diver a great advantage and can make the difference between pure exercise and landing a trophy fish.


  • Two-piece design, with hooded jacket & high-waisted pants
  • 2mm double-lined neoprene with seac exclusive camo blue lining
  • Primarily for warm water hunting
  • Stealthy camouflaged blue pattern design
  • Blend with surroundings: a great advantage for landing trophy fish
  • Melco chest pad aids in speargun loading comfort
  • Reinforcements 3d polyurethane on knees & forearms
  • Spandex seal aquastop: on hood around face & wrists/ankles
  • Seams: sewn for strength & durability
  • Beavertail crotch closure with snaps