By law, a change of mind or buyer’s remorse is not a legal reason to return any purchases. We operate in the Philippines and we are governed by its laws, not another countries' retail law or practice.

Returns for products that may have been deemed defective are always welcome. We will honor this and so will our suppliers.

But as a general rule, we do not accept returns for any purchase especially when we are dealing with gear used in salt, fresh or chlorinated water generally does not allow any exchange.

We will only accept a return in the event that a purchase warrants a claim due to a manufacturing defect. In this case, we reserve the right to inspect the goods in question when the product is returned to us complete with the original packaging. In some cases, only the manufacturer can evaluate the claim where in some cases, the defective product must be sent back to the country of manufacture. Usually, it will take 1-2 weeks of lead time before the product reaches the manufacturer before they can evaluate.

We CANNOT offer you a refund of your purchase, in which case we will repair defective item/s and return them to you. A buyer’s preference for a direct or immediate replacement is not possible without our companies service inspection or our supplier's approval. With the latter needing more time. In this day and age, we normally process this by using photos /videos and sent to the supplier in the interest of saving time to make sure you will be able to use the product at the soonest possible time. In the event, we do not have an available exact product as your original purchase, we maybe able to offer an exchange of another item equal to or more than your original purchase where the difference will have to pay in full by the buyer.

Occasionally, as accommodation and promotion of goodwill, the company may approve product return but will incur a 25% restocking fee that will be charged to the buyer.

Pre-ordered items cannot be exchanged for any other item as the products are ordered specifically for your needs.

More often than not, a quick visit to where you purchase your gear will allow us to remedy the problem without cost to you. We are more interested to help you out and remedy the situation at the soonest possible time.

Return/Warranty Policies

All brand new purchases made from Stride & Stroke are covered by the manufacturer's warranty from defects for 1 year for normal use. In the event our products are used for rental purposes, the warranty is 6 months. Apparel is not covered by the equipment warranty.

Abuse and misuse are not covered by warranty. Please check product manuals and your instructors on the proper use of equipment.

In the event of a valid warranty claim, we will normally repair it locally and have it back working in proper condition. A replacement is only an option when the product is beyond repair and approved by our suppliers.